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What is Grafstract by Fumero?

Grafstract by Fumero describes the mechanics of Fumeroism. In 2010 this term he used as a title for a painting on exhibit that sold at a gallery show in New York City called “Graffolution. The concept was coined in 2011 in an article blogged about on in 2011. Fumero was the first to use this term specifically regarding Fumeroism. Since the inception of social media channels the public began to use his concept as a generic term to describe a genre of modern art confusing it with the likes of Graffuturism.   Grafstract combibnes two styles of art that is graffiti and abstract art. Fumero’s fine art is a combination of both approaches with sub-divisions that when infused together form a unique blend of styles thus creating this artist’s own approach known as Fumeroism or Grafstract.

At the age of 13 Fumero began spray-painting walls with tags and throw-ups and at age 14 painted his first four color ‘piece’ or graffiti mural. This is when Fumero began to develop his graffiti style by drawing in a ‘black book’. Fumero was constantly exposed to seeing graffiti pieces on NYC trains and walls. From age 14 to 18 Fumero created pieces inside his black book and on walls. This is when he developed his multi-colored illustrations incorporating graffiti motifs such as, bubbles, bits, swirls and other irregular and geometric designs and patterns into his wild-style lettering. When Fumero enrolled as an undergrad student into The School of Visual Arts in Manhattan it led him to the crossroads of his life long journey as an artist that culminated into a fusion he calls Grafstract.


Fumero began to abstractly illustrate the human anatomy with a bold contour and multi-colored flesh tones. His approach for transferring the black outline that once encased his graffiti letters and employing a myriad of colors from his graffiti designs into figurative as well as his scenescapes and other subject matter created a further departure from being abstract to a more specific graffiti influenced foundation for his ism which is his distinct Grafstract approach to the visual arts. The abstracted designs of graffiti fused into the figure or any place, or thing that Fumero illustrates as his subject matter has transformed and revolutionized modern contemporary art.

Fumero’s Grafstract is more directly influenced by the Post-Graffiti art movement of the late 20th Century. Four decades later Fumero’s evolution created Grafstract. Fumero illustrates his graffiti-abstract by carefully choreographing his designs elements where he does not merely apply his abstract approach by randomly splattering or dripping paint onto a canvas or wall with a paint brush or spray can in a traditionally abstract-expressionistic way. The scope of Fumero’s process is unique because of his illustrated grafstraction. The figurative work by this artist one can clearly see the abstraction of the exaggerated figure, colors

and lines and if any given area of Fumero’s objective subject matter is pure abstraction creating a sub-division of non-objective art, therefore pure abstraction is always evident as seen in Fumeroism becsause Fumeroism is always grafstracted. If one were to dissect his anatomical-grafstraction one would see this notion visualized in his work.


Fumeroism or Grafstract by Fumero, goes beyond the borders of abstracted reality and creates works of art in the form of murals and canvases that are not objective art.  The explanations for are two hemispheres of Fumeroism that are the objective and non-objective approaches are Grafstract.

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